Reiki distance healing

Reiki distance healing: everything you need to now

Reiki is among the oldest energy healing techniques in the world. A practitioner who has experience in Reiki healing usually channels their life force to help the people that need it. What makes Reiki healing unique is the fact that practitioners get to send energy across time and space. A Reiki Master who is accustomed to the Second Degree Reiki can use different symbols to achieve distant healing.

The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

Understand that a practitioner needs to be conversant with both Second Degree and First Degree Reiki before they can send distance healing. The first symbol is the HSZN (hon sha ze sho nen), while the second is the CKR (cho ku rei). CKR is the activating symbol once HSZN has been invoked.

To activate the symbols, the practitioner starts by writing on a piece of paper using a pen. The symbols are usually drawn in this order: CKR + HSZN + CKR. When writing on the piece of paper, the names of each symbol must be uttered three times in the mind.


With Reiki distance healing, the subject must grant the healer permission. However, sometimes you might not obtain permission due to one reason or another. In such cases, the practitioner will send the healing energy, but with the intent that it should go to someone who needs it, most should the recipient decline.

Reiki distance healing techniques

Second-degree practitioners get to use different techniques when it comes to distance healing. The chosen method will depend on what feels right, considering the situation at hand. Below are just some of the different techniques used in Reiki distance healing.

The Reiki box

With the Reiki box, a practitioner can send healing energy across time and space to more than one subject simultaneously. The good news is that there is no special box, and you can use whatever box you feel calls to you.

The practitioner starts by writing all the necessary information about a specific subject on a piece of paper. This information includes the name, place, and situation. The next step is writing the discussed symbols on the piece of paper and placing it in the Reiki box. You can place numerous papers on the box, which means that a practitioner gets to reach more subjects. The box must be held in the hands until you feel the energy flow stop. The entire process takes about five minutes.

Surrogate method

With the surrogate method, you get to either uses a stuffed animal or doll. Start by choosing a surrogate that resembles the subject anatomically. Draw the Reiki distance symbols on each palm using your finger.

You can then proceed to use the different Reiki hand symbols depending on the size of the surrogate. Using a proxy ensures that you can combine different hand positions, which lead to faster energy transfer.

Mini Method

Using the mini method is straightforward, especially when you are great at visualizing. All you need to do is activate Reiki by drawing the symbols on both your hands. Picture a miniature form of your subject sitting in your palm. Use the other hand to cover the pictured subject and let the energy flow. Allow a minimum of five minutes to ensure that the energy flow has stopped entirely.


To finish a Reiki session, you need to give thanks and rinse your hands with cold water. You could also touch the ground to break the connection with the subject. Giving thanks is an excellent way of ensuring that the entire session has been successful.