What is Animal Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing method where a therapist or healer channels energy into a patient through touch. Reiki and animal healing has become more popular due to its success with traumatized animals, or those with behavioral problems. Even animals with physical illnesses, certain health conditions, post-op pain, mental and emotional issues will also benefit. The success could lie in the fact that animals are more understanding or aware of spiritual energy. It could explain why an animal can determine whether someone is good or bad, depending on the energy they have from the first meeting.

What is Animal Reiki?

In the broadest sense, animal Reiki is a form of meditation or a spiritual system that cultivates compassionate intention, which results in the healing transformation. During a session, the animals will experience peace, new harmony, better health, and wellness. While physical contact is one of the methods, in some instances, the therapist will not touch the animal. Animals by their nature are very sensitive to emotions and the state of mind, and will, therefore, not need physical touch to connect. In this way, the animal maintains control while benefiting from the treatment. Trying to force physical contact can make the animal less accepting of what the therapist has to offer.

It is important to note that Reiki is not an alternative to care from a veterinarian. What it offers is a natural therapy that allows the body’s natural processes of self-healing to come into play. The treatment is also most effective when the animal feels a connection with the practitioner.

Animal versus Human Reiki

In terms of the basic fundamentals, there is no difference between the process of animal and human Reiki. The difference comes in due to several reasons such as:-

• The animal needs to take charge because there is no two-way communication unless the healer is an animal communicator

• Animals with behavioral problems will benefit from techniques and skills the healer learns in animal Reiki training

• Most of the sessions need to occur in an environment the animal is used to

• In some instances, the owner of the animal may need to learn some Reiki techniques

Why You Should Offer Your Animal Reiki Healing

Your animal will benefit from Reiki healing due to a number of reasons. Such include:-

• The procedure is non-invasive

• It needs no technology or equipment

• It is effective for a wide range of animals; not only those raised in a domestic setting

• The healing can take place anywhere and at any time

• It is a fantastic complement to conventional veterinary care

• Your animal is in control because it can choose to accept or reject the healing

Final Thoughts

Reiki and animal healing has significant scientific backing to support its effectiveness. Studies conducted on rats showed a reduction in stress, which is attributable to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Animal lovers worldwide are embracing the concept, and their animals are benefiting from non-invasive solutions to dealing with problems. By letting the animal take control of the healing process, they benefit from the spiritual energy that works on all aspects, whether physical, mental or emotional.